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VI. Food Safety Regulations

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A. Food safety code 
B. Health regulatory authority 
C. Food safety inspection reports 
D. Acceptable reasons/methods for sampling 
E. Right to routine inspections F. Right to appeal violations (e.g. closures, suspensions, violations) 
G. Employee rights of refusal (e.g. sampling, health interviews) 
H. Process to correct violations 
I. SOPs for safe food handling (e.g. Federal Regulations) 
J. Reportable illnesses 
K. Documentation (e.g. incidents, customer complaint, employee illness, reporting, health authorities) 
L. Signage requirements (e.g., allergens, menu disclaimer, handwashing) 
M. Obligations to honor customer contracts to deliver safe food (e.g. accurately represent menu items, disclosing undercooking hazards, label allergen information, source foods from safe sources) 
N. Code standards (e.g. building code, safety code, food code) 
O. Hazard communication requirements (e.g., MSDS/SDS, OSHA) 
P. Employee privacy of personnel and health records (e.g. HIPAA, illness log, privacy law) 
Q. HACCP plan requirement