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1. The Coding Interview – What to Expect:

The coding interview is typically harder than the initial interview: we ask more difficult questions and have a more exacting evaluation. This interview is 45 minutes. Not all interviewers follow the exact same time breakdown, but the following is typical:

  • Introductions: The first five minutes will be an introduction and possibly brief questions about your background.
  • Coding: The next 30 minutes will be one or more coding problems.
  • Ask Us Anything: We try to reserve the final five minutes for your questions for the interviewer. This part gives you a chance to learn more about Facebook from someone in engineering and gives your interviewer a chance to learn more about your interests.

How to Prepare:

If you haven’t already, check out Bosmat’s post about coding interview preparation above. She provides some great resources for coding interview preparation that are useful for both the initial screen and the onsite coding interviews.