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How Do You Work As a Team?

How do you work in a team?

The third question I asked candidates is about being a team player. Can you give me an example of how you are a team player? Can you tell me about a time when it was difficult to work with another individual? How did you handle this? When working as a caregiver in a community or as somebody in your private home with a client, you often are working with a diverse set of individuals. It’s really great to understand how you will be affected by working with other individuals and how you will be able to communicate effectively to ensure that the person’s care plan is getting handled correctly. For example, coverage might be needed seven days a week, but you only are working four days. So how are you going to communicate that information from one day to the next caregiver to ensure that that consistency and care is carried forward? If working on a larger team of caregivers, how are you going to ensure that you’re able to support each other during the different challenges of the day? Therefore, always having a positive attitude is key. And being able to communicate effectively is also important. Having empathy for your fellow co-workers, knowing how to support them, and asking questions are paramount to this role.


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