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Creating an Online Business

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  1. Identify Skills
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  2. Conducting Research
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  3. Online Stores
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  4. Making a Flyer
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  5. Managing Expenses
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  6. Survey Customers
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Introduction to Name Your Business and Conduct Market Research

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In the previous activity, you engaged in brainstorming business ideas, assessing your available resources, and selecting the type of online business you want to develop. If you haven’t completed that activity yet, take a moment to decide on an online business product or service that appeals to you. This current activity focuses on choosing a memorable and unique name for your business, one that effectively encapsulates the essence of your product or service. Alongside this, you will delve into market research to gain insights into your potential customer base. This research process involves conducting internet searches to identify successful competitors, learning about their customer base, utilizing search terms to discover reliable sources and relevant data, and pinpointing the demographic most likely to purchase your product or service.

To consolidate and present your findings, you’ll create a Google Slides presentation. Google Slides is an excellent tool for organizing information about your new business in a clear and visually engaging format. Your presentation will serve as a concise yet informative description of your business, providing others with an understanding of your venture. Begin by opening a new tab in your browser and accessing Google Slides from the apps menu. Start a new, blank presentation and assign it a title. This title will also be the name under which your file is saved in Google Drive. The convenience of Google Slides is evident in its auto-save feature, which ensures that your file is continuously updated as you work on it. Once you have set up your presentation, you can proceed to the next step, which involves designing your presentation and finalizing the name for your business.