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Instances of what to say when welcoming visitors

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While this task is largely the job of the presenters, it is important that each representative is also prepared to greet visitors. 

Ideally, you create a global expression that can be used as a standard greeting. 

Example: “Good morning/afternoon/evening, welcome to XYZ (restaurant name)” 

Get booking information and essentials 

Friendly ask “Do you have a reservation are not?” To make sure you know whether to look them up or find a table 

If they already have a reservation, go back to the “Can I get your name?” ” 

After verifying the reservation, repeat the subtleties again” Entire (address by name if appropriate). You have a table dedicated to (Number of Visitors). 

In case they don’t have a reservation, ask the hamburger restaurant “How many people are going to eat tonight?” 

And if you may ask if they have any tendencies. 

Once the space is configured, learn about the unique requirements. Is there a young player in the gathering and you will need a high seat, are there any strict dietary needs?