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Question: Tell me about a time you need to get information from someone who isn’t very responsive. What would you do?


a. This is a major teamwork question, emphasize your soft-skills.

b. Figure out why they are unresponsive and solve it.

c. If it’s beyond your control, take it up with a supervisor or work out a solution.

Example: I can think back to a time when I was working closely with an external partner on a project. I was trying to set the schedule for my team, however, it would sometimes take two weeks before the external partner would email me back. I could definitely empathize with this as I know they mentioned they were managing multiple projects, however, I also had to recognize that it was slowing down the planning for my team. What I did was, first I would set a reminder for myself to follow up to my initial emails two days after I sent my first email. Next I determined setting up phone meetings might help the external partner communicate more information at once. This really helped in our ability to meet the deadlines we each needed