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At Microsoft, we believe that living our culture is key to achieving our mission. Selecting people who have the right skills and mindset is important, not only for the company we are today, but also for the company we aspire to be. 

Our growth-mindset culture is designed to drive innovation and collaboration. Being a learn-it-all instead of a know-it-all fosters curiosity and prompts us to be inclusive and seek new and diverse perspectives. 

For our interview process, we focus on these key aspects of our culture:


  • Growth Mindset. True learners who can acquire new skills rapidly and connect with others to help bring big ideas to life.
  • Diverse & Inclusive. Being open to learning about your own biases and changing behaviors accordingly. Value differences, seek them out, and invite them in. 
  • Values. When we come together, we treat each other with respect, we act with integrity, and we are accountable to one another for our words and actions.
  • Manager Expectations. Our Managers help bring our culture to life. As they model, coach, and care, they help reinforce our culture and create the environment where everyone can do their best work.