Influencer Academy Subscription (Single)

$600.00 / month and a $150.00 sign-up fee





Interested in our Influencer Academy courses? Along with a mix of media production and marketing skills, we specialize in soft skills and how they’re used to build your career. Build relations with customers and improve your public speaking skills. By improving soft skills, such as communication and creativity, this program gets individuals started with a career as a creator and marketer.

The entire course sequence includes THREE (3) core courses and FOUR (4) extra curricular courses, as well as WEEKLY guidance from our professional graders who will review and provide feedback on your social media profile, watching for growth and application of our strategies. Additional courses from the AllSumJobs library may also be included as relevant, such as marketer Interview Q&A videos and professional tips.

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NOTE: Some courses are under development and will become available as they are released.