The Residents

Now that you’ve got a solid understanding of senior caregiving and the work that goes into it, lets focus on the residents themselves. In this lesson Greg shares us insight on managing emergencies, stress, and communication with seniors. Keep these lessons in mind next time you are communicating!

  • Start by assessing the resident’s needs
  • These needs must be met by the staff
  • Ongoing training must be available for staff
  • Medical emergencies can be common
  • Call 911 immediately 
  • Nurse administrators need to get involved to ensure the resident’s safety
  • Meet with seniors on a regular basis
  • Join them for a walk
  • Ask for their opinion
  • Regular routine is important
  • Time management requires routine
  • Always have a plan for your day
  • Some seniors come from different cultural backgrounds 
  • Ask the family
  • Try to find somebody who speaks their language
  • Regulations change so you must keep up to date
  • Follow PIMS from the department of social services
  • Stay ahead of the curve with regulations