Restaurant Hospitality Questions & Answers

  1. There are many restaurants, such as steakhouses, seafood places, and chinese restaurants
  2. Sometimes it is necessary to leave a restaurant so that you can keep growing
  3. Working at a restaurant that is close by is ideal
  1. Sometimes customers make mistakes and ask for refunds
  2.  Good customer service is about treating the customer well
  3. Give the customer the benefit of the doubt
  1. Recommend a dish you personally enjoy
  2. Be genuine and enthusiastic with your recommendation
  3. You can recommend something people might not normally try
  1. Focus on your communication skills
  2. Learn to interact positively with peers and customers
  3. Treat all people with respect 
  1. Communication is the king of transferable skills
  2. Being an active listener means asking questions to make sure you understand
  3. Positivity helps keep a team productive 
  • restaurant is a place people go to have an enjoyable experience
  • Being part of a team means everybody contributes
  • There are many career options for those in the restaurant industry
  1. Focus on the three parts of interviewing; before, during, and after
  2. Be friendly with all staff you meet
  3. Follow up in a letter, phonecall, or email
  1. Communication minimizes problems between coworkers and customers
  2. Initiative enables staff to fix problems without being asked to fix them
  3. Active collaboration means getting involved with the staff, guests, and management outside of work 
  1. Mistakes often happen when the environment is busy and hectic
  2. Communicate quickly when mistakes happen
  3. Clean up messes quickly before they are spread 
  1. Coworkers often compete for high paying shifts
  2. Coworkers with the same schedules might have conflict
  3. Focus on the root of the problem to resolve the conflict
  1. Figure out what happened
  2. Talk to a manager and share details
  3. Introduce the manager to the customer
  1. Pay attention to little details
  2. Show that you are considering the customer
  3. Offer gifts for special occasions