The Role of the Caregiver in Memory Care

Caregivers must be skilled in particular methods so that they can care for their patients. One of the most important skills with memory care patients is keeping the patient engaged. Engaged patients are much calmer and easier to communicate with. A skilled caregiver can avoid enraging the patient which makes everything feel impossible to deal with!

  • Caregivers might care individually or as part of a group
  • Private duty can often be part time
  • Community caregiving is usually full time
  • Every day is different
  • Days are rarely boring
  • We must remind residents to perform things they already know
  • Anybody can get into caregiving
  • Senior caregiving is often overlooked
  • You could become one of the next senior caregivers
  • Some people prefer family members take care of them
  • It can be hard to trust a stranger to take care of a loved one
  • Caring for somebody with memory problems can be very different from more typical caregiving
  • Caregivers need to be kind and giving
  • Caregivers must have a big heart
  • Working together is critical in caregiving
  • A paid family caregiver is a relative who is compensated for caregiving
  • Do your research
  • Sometimes you must leave your current job to care for a loved one